Friday, 7 October 2016


Over the last few days I have been working on my Plums :-) Have done several samples using different mediums this one is with Colour Soft pencils, like they way they lend, but not dramatic enough. Also think I would like the background to be in soft mauve/greys, this would pick out the mauves in the Plums. Need to dye some fabric, haven't done that for ages..... First of all I stuck the tissue drawing/paint to the background along the branch, wont do this again as glue splodged out and stuck the white tissue to the green background in places. Just put small dabs under each plum to secure in place before stitching next time.
Next I stitched around the outline of the plums, branch and leaves, this time I used a polyester thread and think it was too harsh and it ended up cutting through the bottom layer of tissue as well in places :-( Also, I think I used a different tissue this time to draw design on as it was difficult to tear away from the stitched line. Prepared soft tissue for the next set of experiments.
Remeber - thicker tissue for base and use natural threads to stitch around design.

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