Monday, 10 October 2016

Knit and Stitch

Went to Alexander Palace with Sharne, all very civilised, we decided to go by coach so we could read and crochet our journey away.
The Kemshall Quilt Came away very inspired, liked the simple lines of some of the work, especially Alice Fox's and Christina Ellock
Thought I would put some pieces of old dyed fabric together so that these can be stitched/Embellished (machine) so that I can use them for backgrounds to mount my found objects from the beaches that i have collected over the years, this will make a nice display with the bottles that I am filling with bits from the various beaches.
Also, put togther another background for the Plums, embellished 3 times, front, back and front again
Prepared tissue papers to be stitched on samples, the top one I have painted matt medium onto it to strengthen the tissue.

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