Sunday, 25 September 2016

Pauline Verinder

What a lovely day we had with Pauline yesterday, we hadn't seen her for two years so lots to catch up on. Makes you realise how much I miss being part of a group, come away so inspired. She told us about a new product Kraft Tex, so we just had to buy some there and then, and believe it or not it arrived this morning, so it looks like I might be able to do some playing this week :-)
Pauline also spoke a new experiment with Nuno Felting - working with acrylic fabrics, so this also needs to be experimented with this week. Had meant to get a photo with Pauline, but she wisely disappeared before I remembered that I wanted to do this. So all we got was a rather bad 'selfie' of Diane, Sharne and I !!!!!
Liked this planter - nice idea for the winter door-step pot.