Thursday, 1 September 2016

My Canvas that I had ordered from Amazon arrived today, so thought I would start Dave's birthday present. Planning on doing a mixed media panel for him with bottles and flowers stamped on it, had done a trial in a sketch book and was very please with it, so only hope I can replicate it :-) Started of by adding a coat of white and magnolia chalk acrylic to the surface and have then added some stamping, this was done a a dark grey. This stamping will only in part show at the end product, but hopefully bits will peak through to add interest to the background.
I then added some printed tissue for further interest to the background, this was stuck sow with mat medium, and I continued to paint the entire background with this medium so that the next layer of paint would be absorbed uniformly across the canvas. This was left to dry naturally as i did not want to risk blistering the mat medium with the heat gun.
Will return to work on this further tomorrow. I then moved onto my Plum Studies, number 5. This one was done a smaller scale and this time I used my Russian Watercolours. Think I shall try and limit the number of colours I use for my next one. There are a lot of different colours in the Picture of Jane's work, but gues she mixes the colours using a small palette rather that one pink pencil, one green pencil etc....

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