Sunday, 4 September 2016

Feeling so much better

Today I woke up having slept in the same bed all night :-), three and a half weeks since I had my hip op and feeling good. Decided to try and walk Suki this morning, managed it to the bridge and back, met Hazel there so I had the opportunity to share my achievement!!!!!
But must admit by the time I returned I felt pretty wiped out, so a very good excuse to sit down to do some more work on my panel. Decided to use Chalk Paints on the flowers, as I wanted to added further details with colouring pencils later. Used the Blueberry paint to added shadows on bottles and to give the a base for the bottles to sit on
Once the paints were dry I added details with prisma colouring pencils, these are ideal, they are very soft, but they break very easily, the lead can easily shatter even with sharpening..
Am very pleased with the way this is working out, need to use black marker for definition and then I think I will be finished, then maybe I can get back to drawing Plums.... Found this picture on Facebook, today four years ago work started on my home being renovate.