Saturday, 3 September 2016

Enjoying Playing with my Paperartsy Stamps

Got a bit side tracked today with the Panel. First of all I painted the background with translucent Paperartsy Chalk Paints as I wanted the background that I had applied still show through, I expect this to be toned down later on in the application of further layers
I then printed my bottles on to the canvas, I decided to do this in black, but in hindsight this was a mistake as it was too stark, the flowers were printed in the grey that I had used for the background, I do like this grey :-) I am a little concerned that the black on the bottles is a little too black, hopefully this will be rectified with some paint!!
I was so enjoying the stamping process that I decided to stamp up some previously washed calico whilst I had the stamps inked up - very happy with this, and on calico the black ink is ok. Will paint this up with fabric paints and hopefully make it into a tote bag :-)
The black of the bottles was bothering me so thought I better see if I could rectify this, decided to use one of my neocolours mixed with white acrylic (the acrylic acts as a permanent fixative)
Pleased with this, really knocks the black back, will look forward to tomorrow when hopefully I will have some more time to play - howerver did I manage to find time to work, starting to enjoy my convalescence :-)