Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Really pleased with this trial piece. I have embroidered a piece of patched tissue onto a plain fabric background which was backed with wadding some weeks ago - when I was feeling inspired! And had played at painting a branch of plums on some tissue, for no particular reason and they have been sitting on my work surface taunting me. So today, I decided to marry the two together and see what happens. I put a few glue spots under the painted areas to secure the picture in place and then machine stitched around the outline. I could then tear the unpainted tissue (the background) away very neatly against the stitched line and hey presto, think I have something that I like..... Have also been surfing Pintrest - so inspirational and found numerous pictures of wonky houses done by AliB, this is my attempt, a copy of one of her many lovely designs

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