Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Day Two of my new start

Another lovely sunny day, got up happy and was able to hoover upstairs and run the duster around, small achievement but it made me feel better. Also, managed a load of washing and hung it out, not bad for a 3 week old hip!!! After enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend at the White Horse - who I must say made to crutch dependant ladies very welcome it was home to do a little gardening, or should I say pruning at eye level - but it was a start!! Now just need to wait for someone to empty it for me!!
Then to the Play Room..... to write my Blog and do some drawing This is the set of pictures that lead to the Stitch to Paint series, am hoping that repeating the same exercise might again give me inspiration
This is a section of the card that I did last night, I used Cretacolour Aqua pencils, and was quite pleased with my first attempt
And tonight I added a further two squares, the black and white one was done with a water soluble felt tip and white gouache and the second was with the Cretacolour but I did not dilute the colour with water
Once I have completed my studies and various scales I need to research Plum Trees so that I end up drawing my own trees, not just copying Jane's style - Strange that I choose the Plum Card to study as I also did a lot of work with Plums before when I made the Sugare Plum Fly series of dolls - really enjoyed making those :-)

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