Saturday, 16 April 2011

I do like weekends

Morning started REALLY early, doesn't look like I will get a lay in this weekend! Lovely walk over the fields, Oscar met his friend Tilly and they had a massive rampage, so was suitably tired when he got home.
I then went across to Tollesbury to pick some of me work from Pauline, she was doing a workshop there, and I needed some current bits to show the Rothing Valley Quilters tomorrow.
Forgotten how lovely Tollesbury is.

Back to prepare my demonstration for Rothing Valley Quilters, but got side tracked with an idea....

Had fun. Then focused and got sorted for tomorrow.
Started clearing out shed, had to stop because Wheelie Bin was full. So chopped an over a very prickly and grown plant down and filled up Brown Bin.
And now have Sooty purring on my lap, perfect, and Oscar, jealous, chewing an old bone beside me, not so perfect!!!!