Monday, 25 April 2011

Butterfly syndrome

Back to work in the garden, trying to work out where to put the filter :-(
Decided that this tree needed to be moved, but first needed to dig up an old route as this was the only suitable place to transplant tree to, two hours later.... Decided I had had enough of digging so out came the hedge trimmers and the conifers along the back of the garden got a hair cut.

Then back to digging, this tree to be moved to,

To here

Didn't get as much route up as I hoped, and it doesn't look very well.
But now have nice big gap...

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Perfectly lovely Easter Sunday

Walked Oscar, then wrapped threads fie EG Regional Day. Then up to Mum's for lunch with family.

My Easter present from Millie Mai

Garden looking beautiful

Then home to build a retaining wall for the pond

Friday, 22 April 2011

Project for the summer

As I have decided to be sensible and not get a puppy, thought I would buy a new pump and fish for my pond.

Then thought it was a bit small and would really like one like Sharne's. So Oscar and I got digging!!!
First of all need to dig up shrubs and move them to the part of the garden that I lost a lot of plants in the winter - I know this is probably the wrong time to do it, but they have two chances:-)
Before I started my mornings work

These are to be moved to here

So far so good, need to get some ericaceae soil before I move the Pieris, providing I am not too stiff I will do that tomorrow.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

And quiet

I do like weekends

Morning started REALLY early, doesn't look like I will get a lay in this weekend! Lovely walk over the fields, Oscar met his friend Tilly and they had a massive rampage, so was suitably tired when he got home.
I then went across to Tollesbury to pick some of me work from Pauline, she was doing a workshop there, and I needed some current bits to show the Rothing Valley Quilters tomorrow.
Forgotten how lovely Tollesbury is.

Back to prepare my demonstration for Rothing Valley Quilters, but got side tracked with an idea....

Had fun. Then focused and got sorted for tomorrow.
Started clearing out shed, had to stop because Wheelie Bin was full. So chopped an over a very prickly and grown plant down and filled up Brown Bin.
And now have Sooty purring on my lap, perfect, and Oscar, jealous, chewing an old bone beside me, not so perfect!!!!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Think I must have bought the wrong dog home from the vets!

He has been lovely today, even laid at my feet whilst I did some sewing in the afternoon sun :-)

Sleeping dog

An experiment, not sure if this is the way I will take my next piece of work, but trying to 'diversify' as instructed by Pauline.

Beautiful afternoon.

Evening walk

Again behaved wonderfully

Bluebells are starting to show their heads

And sun setting - a good weekend

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Early start

Needed to be in the office by 8 today.

So needed to get up early to cuddle and reassure one remaining cat, take Oscar for a walk, which he is loving now that horrid collar is off.

Then back to try and convince Sooty life is worth living without his brother!

Mad dash for work as starting to run late, just scrapped in on the 8 o'clock Mark, to receive call from boss, he is running late!!!!!