Sunday, 27 March 2011

A different weekend

Walking is limited this weekend, due to Oscar's little op!

He is unimpressed by it all....

He tried to get through the cat flap with his stylish new head gear, and complete dismantled it. Finished off what Peggy Sue started!

One, sort of, repaired cat flap, at least there won't be any more drafts and the animals will have to learn to keep their legs crossed until I get home!!

Still not impressed :-(

Thursday, 24 March 2011


A great start to the day, Oscar must have picked up on what I had been saying as a behaved beautifully.

Then a calm drive along the 414 to Harlow for a meeting. Listen to Kate Mosse's The Cave. Very good, but found myself driving increasingly slowly when it was getting to the tense bit!

Then back to the office to catch up on all the work that isn't getting done at the moment. Only to find that the High Street was shut off due to a gas leak.

Ok, so not my best photo...
The good bit was that we were sent home early.

And finally my evening walk.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Amazing what a bit of sun can do

Lovely walk to start the day off with

And then to conclude the day

Then home to cook Spring Vegetable Casserole - yum

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Not a bad days work

Had to go to Colchester to visit a tenant, he wasn't at home, no surprise there, so decided to see if he was at his girlfriends, this involved a very nice walk on the sunshine.

Then home to clear up yet more wire that Oscar has eaten!

Booked him in fir his 'special' operation!!!

And then even got a bit of sewing done

Yesterday was the first day off Spring

But I didn't take my camera on my morning walk with me, so couldn't record the first primroses if the season, so made a special effort to remember it today.

Also last night Jill Flowers came to the EG meeting, what wonderful work, she also said that she went through a period on non creativity so that reassured me, perhaps not all is lost!!

But have said that, I did stick some fabrics together over the weekend!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunday, recharged for the week ahead

Thought I better start thinking about my piece of work for Fen Edge Textiles exhibition. Before Dad went I was doing some work on Women's Liberation, so thought I would explore this some more. The colours that they choose to represent themselves were, violet, green and white, so I have been doing some colour play.

Then a lovely walk over the fields

Then repaired one of the girls skirts from work with Sooty's help

Saturday, 19 March 2011

And then I burnt it!

Was meant to be a quite day ..

Started off well with a lovely walk over the fields and along the reservoir. Wish I had taken my camera.
Then home to find that Mark ( next door neighbour) had decided to get rid of the wooden palettes that I had been eyeing up for my fire. So if I wanted some free firewood now was the time to get the saw out.

Oscar decided to give a helping hand.

But what a lovely stack of wood I chopped.

All a bit too much for the animals though.