Sunday, 12 September 2010

Saturday and full steam ahead

Put final stitches onto ‘Cherrie’ the Sugar Plum Fly.

10.09.10 082 10.09.10 083 10.09.10 084 10.09.10 085

Then Millie arrived for the day as Rob and Mel were off to see ‘Love Never Dies’ – lucky devils.

10.09.10 001 10.09.10 013 10.09.10 014 10.09.10 022

The off to see the EAST exhibition, yes with Millie too!

10.09.10 071 10.09.10 023 10.09.10 028 10.09.10 040 10.09.10 050 10.09.10 059

Above are just a few pictures of their lovely work.

10.09.10 067But the pieces for me that made me stand back and take stock were Jeanette Bright’s  pieces based on the work that she is doing for the foundling museum.

 10.09.10 033 10.09.10 034 10.09.10 032

The little robes represent two mother’s children, each of the Mothers had to hand their children over to the Foundling Museum, one rich and one poor.  The bird in the cage represent that each of the women’s destiny was decided by their owners, whether it was the state, father or husband.


Then back to Mum’s so that she could have cuddle with Mille

10.09.10 078

Then round to Angies’s for a glass of wine while the boys were out, a good day.


Diane Kelsey said...

The history behind Jeanette Bright’s work, really touched my heart as well. It is so easy to moan about our lives, but we often forget how lucky we are as women living in the western world today.Life, not so long ago used to be very different for women. My mum told me a story about one of her aunts/great aunts who was put in an institution for having a baby out of wedlock. She had fallen pregnant to the son of the household where she worked. I don't suppose she had much say whether or not to keep him happy. It is certainly a subject worth researching more.

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