Saturday, 18 September 2010

Lynda Monk Workshop

What an inspiring day, if you eve get a chance to go to one of Lynda’s workshops – do, there is so much to learn and she is such a good tutor, but dont plan to go out in the evening after a day with Lynda as you will be shattered.

Lynda was extremely organised

Linda Monk 001

Some of her lovely vessels


Linda Monk 002

Some of the work that I did today with Lynda.

Linda Monk 007 Linda Monk 006Linda Monk 010   Linda Monk 009 

Thought I had taken more photos, obviously got rather involved and forgot to record what I was doing……………….. opphhhhs

Linda Monk 011

Hard at work and then Father Christmas and his Elf dropped in!!!!  This prompted a good idea (I think) maybe I shall arrange a Christmas meal for the EG, may regret that idea when it comes to doing the organising………

Linda Monk 013

Check Lynda Monk out – a fabulous day