Sunday, 5 September 2010

Getting Ready for Maeldune

Finally have all the work ready to go to Malden on Tuesday.









Sugar Plum Flies Green Gage and Damson

The theme of the exhibition in’ Yesterday’.  I wanted to do some work based on what I had seen and felt whilst in Turkey, so this is my interpretation of ‘Yesterday I went to Turkey’

005 006

Vase based on Turkish Barriers

008 009  

Lutrador 3D piece based on Turkish Barriers


Bag based on the street and night lights in Turkey.

And finally, my quilt, I had got a bit involved in Barriers, and decided to go back to basics, so what is more basic than barbed wire and women fighting for their rights, the words in the circles are taken from the first Act of Parliament that started to process of women having equal rights.

 020 021

scans 5.9.10 004

And finally, I have finished Yellow Gage and her daughter Golden.