Sunday, 8 August 2010

Playing with Transfers

Kids gone home. Lovely to see them all but it is also lovely to be quite and back in play room!

Started experimenting with emulsion paint and photocopies again last week, so have done a bit more to these

Just started rubbing the photo copy paper away.

Paper rubbed away.

And highlighted with colouring pencils.


Helen Terry said...

Hey! I like that. Photocopy or inkjet print?

Diane Kelsey said...

I have been trying to to remove paper (from transfer printing) from craft vilene that had glue on it.Paper gone, but still a glue residue left. Going to apply Gesso tomorrow.

Nickie said...

I used the works photocopier for this one, but pretty sure the ones I did whilst at college were from my printer. You need to make sure you rub the back of the print hard with a spoon, otherwise you get bits that don't transfer