Sunday, 15 August 2010

Not a good day :-(

Thought I was going to have a wonderfully creative day after yesterday, but no.

To start off with my Sugar-Plum Flies had caught a commonly known disease to them,  ‘drop wing’, so they have been under going emergency treatment.


Whilst my ladies were (hopefully) recovering I decided to attack the barbed wire quilt that I had decided the stitching was not up to standard – thought I would do some over stitching, making the wire more pronounced through stitch, all was going well until I decided to do some discharge circles on it, have tried to over stitch these and still not very happy with it. Perhaps I should just consign it to the bin…………..


I was quite liking it at this point and then decided to overlap a circle, not a good idea, it just looks like a blob :-(

 004 005

Think I’ll just go to bed…


Helen Terry said...

I rather like the way the discharge is showing up the stitching though - bit like painted quilting in reverse. Right to walk away if you're not happy with it but don't you go binning it! Put it away or pin it on the wall and think about it. I know you'll think of something.

nicola said...

Yep you are right, I had really liked the effect that the discahrge paste gave against he stitched areas, that is why I got a bit carried away..... But as you said, coming back to it, I think it can be progressed ok. I am thinking about cutting it up so that I have three pieces, one 3x5 squares, one 1x5 squares and then the third one 2x5, and then mount them tightly over a wooden frame - is that making sense? Then hang them as a triptych
looking forward to seeing you on Saturday