Sunday, 1 August 2010

How impressive is this?

One of the ladies, who is retired, that attended my embroidery class at Bishop’s Hall last year had said that she was going to do the London to Paris bike ride – and I thought, oh yes………….

But, her she is, she has done it, Barbara Bradley is the lady at the end of the video that says’ the lunches were the best bit’, how impressed am I, WELL DONE Barbara.

My weekend was rather more leisurely………. Sunday lunch with Mum, Mel, Rob and delightful little Millie.

  IMG_7035 IMG_7037

Dyed some more fabric for Greengage’s sister, it looked lovely in the pots, but when I rinsed it out I had specks of un-dissolved dye powder all over it……….. so next batch is happily soaking away as I type so hopefully this set will be ok and then I can get down to work on Damson tomorrow.

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Diane Kelsey said...

If Barbara is the lady who's husband had a studio, she was also going to do the London Moonwalk, which is 26miles of walking during the night. What a lady!