Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Festival of Quilts

My new friend Jenny and her quilt.

Festival of Quilts 2010 004

Sharne made a bonnet to remember the women and girls that were deported to Australia, and so did one or two other people!!

Festival of Quilts 2010 062  Festival of Quilts 2010 065Festival of Quilts 2010 064

June was the one that got our guild involved and her punishment for this was to help rune the stall at the FoQ, don't think she managed to escape at all!!  But we all had a nice meal together in the evening at out hotel, the Ibis, which was excellent value for money and good service.

Winner of ‘Summer in the City’

Festival of Quilts 2010 079 Festival of Quilts 2010 081 









Two of the quilts which caught my eye from the Contemporary Quilts challenge

Festival of Quilts 2010 090Festival of Quilts 2010 096

One of the students quilts, this made me laugh, reminded me of when I took the children to London when they were young and when they were asked about the best bit of their day, Kirsty said, when the train said ‘mind the gap’!  But this aside, the quilt was excellent.

Festival of Quilts 2010 101

Loved this one.

Festival of Quilts 2010 006 - Copy - Copy

Annette Morgan’s and C June Barne’s quilts

Festival of Quilts 2010 012 - CopyFestival of Quilts 2010 051 - Copy

and a few other quilts, some fabulous work there, went home very inspired

           Festival of Quilts 2010 020 - CopyFestival of Quilts 2010 024 - CopyFestival of Quilts 2010 038 - Copy

My barbed wire quilt that I stitched whilst taking Dad to and fro from hospital, no awards, but got all areas marked excellent by one judge and the other gave me a good for one category and excellent for all the rest, and some very lovely comments.

Festival of Quilts 2010 088 Festival of Quilts 2010 085

How proud am I.

Festival of Quilts 2010 043 - Copy

   Festival of Quilts 2010 047 - Copy  

and finally confession time……………..

Festival of Quilts 2010 102


Diane Kelsey said...

Jenny's quilt is wonderful, bet you had alot to talk about. I think you bought more than Sharne and I. i spoke to someone and picked up her details about her coming to Essex to do a photo transfer workshop. Your books look interesting.

Miriam Weaver said...

You should be very proud, your quilts are lovely!

debsmuddle said...

Can't wait to see what you do with that mountain of booty.

debsmuddle said...

I can't wait to see what you do with all that booty

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