Friday, 27 August 2010

Dad’s Ashes


This was Dad with Holly on the 13th May of this year, does not seem possible that today he is not with us.

A difficult day, kept myself busy this morning, Mum also needed to be alone, think we would have just made each other worse :-(

We did what we needed, but struggle to cope with it, escaped as quick as I could and went for a bike ride.  

Johnathans Quilt 019

Sat by the reservoir for a while and then found myself back at the Church, quietly alone this time, could sit and reflect, it was nice and good place to be and right for Dad, he is in the Easter Garden which is by the field that he use to help run the Church Fete from and he enjoyed that.  Just as I was leaving, 4 Spitfires flew over head, very fitting as Dad served his early years in the RAF.Johnathans Quilt 020

Johnathans Quilt 022

Then back to check up on Mum – none of us doing very well at the moment.

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JP said...

thinking of you Nickie