Sunday, 22 August 2010

Back home after a wonderful weekend

Will blog properly about our weekend tomorrow, and will try and be honest about all the goodies that I 'needed'!!!

But, my mind was full of thongs that I want to try and just had to start.

I had bought two things quite in related and not at all on the shopping list! A piece of fabric from Carolyn, Charmed Fish, and some thin printed tissue papers, which cost a lot for what you got!! But very nice.

My two thoughts:
One, can I paint translucently on tissue paper without it disintegrating, only done a little bit, if you are careful it looks like you can - plan more playing tomorrow.

Two, can I dye lightly over Carolyn's beautiful fabric and still see the pattern through the dye? Well, piece of fabric is soaking in 'brown rose' over night, so will see in the morning. If that works, I plan to discharge some of the dye away to, hopefully, leave some of the original pattern, and then, combine my painted tissue on top of my new fabric.

Or maybe just put it on the bin!

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