Friday, 27 August 2010

Am liking this idea

In fact I have got a bit carried away

Thought I would make a sample piece to try se random techniques out on

But am rather liking this too! So thought I would just use up the scraps so that I would not be too precious with it!

But thinking that this too may have some potential!

Better clear up as need to be clean and tidy for later. Doing Dad's Ashes, guess that is why I have been a bit obsessive with current task in hand ;-)

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JP said...

love this Nickie - great meeting you at FOQ

Diane Kelsey said...

All bloggers need an iphone! Sharne says she might be intrested in one too. Miriam was showing me some tricks on her phone today. I must see if I can get out of my current contract for one.

nicola said...

iphones are great, it took a lot for me to decide to commit to a contract, had to get my head around paying for the fee to use a mobile computer rather than paying £x for 600 free minutes - dont regret signing up at all

getting really excited about my new idea, problem is that only 3 more days and back to w0rk :-(