Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Back to work

Not a very good start, lost my pass to get into the office and then could not log on to computer, didn't get any work done until 10.30!

No better this evening at home, only managed to make a bunch of flowers and 4 antenna!

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Monday, 30 August 2010

Back to work tomorrow :-

It has been good to have had a rest, sure work will be good when I get back tomorrow, but if I am honest I can't say that I am ready to return, but that not a choice that I free to make.

Went for another bike ride today, must make more effort to do this regularly again, as I enjoy it when I get out.

Have done a little more on my Sugar Plum Flies, need to get these finished before I start stitching on my fabrics I made the other day, as I think they will be all consuming.

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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Thought I had better clear the decks before I start on the next project!

Bugs in various stages of completion.

And this is what I did with the piece of fabric that I bought from Carolyn,The Charmed Fish, www.thecharmedfish.co.uk - wonder why she called her textile shop after a fish? Any suggestions?

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Friday, 27 August 2010

Dad’s Ashes


This was Dad with Holly on the 13th May of this year, does not seem possible that today he is not with us.

A difficult day, kept myself busy this morning, Mum also needed to be alone, think we would have just made each other worse :-(

We did what we needed, but struggle to cope with it, escaped as quick as I could and went for a bike ride.  

Johnathans Quilt 019

Sat by the reservoir for a while and then found myself back at the Church, quietly alone this time, could sit and reflect, it was nice and good place to be and right for Dad, he is in the Easter Garden which is by the field that he use to help run the Church Fete from and he enjoyed that.  Just as I was leaving, 4 Spitfires flew over head, very fitting as Dad served his early years in the RAF.Johnathans Quilt 020

Johnathans Quilt 022

Then back to check up on Mum – none of us doing very well at the moment.

Am liking this idea

In fact I have got a bit carried away

Thought I would make a sample piece to try se random techniques out on

But am rather liking this too! So thought I would just use up the scraps so that I would not be too precious with it!

But thinking that this too may have some potential!

Better clear up as need to be clean and tidy for later. Doing Dad's Ashes, guess that is why I have been a bit obsessive with current task in hand ;-)

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Woke up with an idea!

Have spent most of today tearing perfectly good fabric into 1" and 2-3" strips.

I then prepared 3 dye runs, with 12 pots in each.

Good job food was not high on the agenda, as there would be no chance.......

Then it was time to rinse and iron them, 4 hours later

Beginning to wonder if my good idea was such a good one, as will need to re-dye at least half again to get the depth and variant of colours needed.

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Festival of Quilts

My new friend Jenny and her quilt.

Festival of Quilts 2010 004

Sharne made a bonnet to remember the women and girls that were deported to Australia, and so did one or two other people!!

Festival of Quilts 2010 062  Festival of Quilts 2010 065Festival of Quilts 2010 064

June was the one that got our guild involved and her punishment for this was to help rune the stall at the FoQ, don't think she managed to escape at all!!  But we all had a nice meal together in the evening at out hotel, the Ibis, which was excellent value for money and good service.

Winner of ‘Summer in the City’

Festival of Quilts 2010 079 Festival of Quilts 2010 081 









Two of the quilts which caught my eye from the Contemporary Quilts challenge

Festival of Quilts 2010 090Festival of Quilts 2010 096

One of the students quilts, this made me laugh, reminded me of when I took the children to London when they were young and when they were asked about the best bit of their day, Kirsty said, when the train said ‘mind the gap’!  But this aside, the quilt was excellent.

Festival of Quilts 2010 101

Loved this one.

Festival of Quilts 2010 006 - Copy - Copy

Annette Morgan’s and C June Barne’s quilts

Festival of Quilts 2010 012 - CopyFestival of Quilts 2010 051 - Copy

and a few other quilts, some fabulous work there, went home very inspired

           Festival of Quilts 2010 020 - CopyFestival of Quilts 2010 024 - CopyFestival of Quilts 2010 038 - Copy

My barbed wire quilt that I stitched whilst taking Dad to and fro from hospital, no awards, but got all areas marked excellent by one judge and the other gave me a good for one category and excellent for all the rest, and some very lovely comments.

Festival of Quilts 2010 088 Festival of Quilts 2010 085

How proud am I.

Festival of Quilts 2010 043 - Copy

   Festival of Quilts 2010 047 - Copy  

and finally confession time……………..

Festival of Quilts 2010 102

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Back home after a wonderful weekend

Will blog properly about our weekend tomorrow, and will try and be honest about all the goodies that I 'needed'!!!

But, my mind was full of thongs that I want to try and just had to start.

I had bought two things quite in related and not at all on the shopping list! A piece of fabric from Carolyn, Charmed Fish, and some thin printed tissue papers, which cost a lot for what you got!! But very nice.

My two thoughts:
One, can I paint translucently on tissue paper without it disintegrating, only done a little bit, if you are careful it looks like you can - plan more playing tomorrow.

Two, can I dye lightly over Carolyn's beautiful fabric and still see the pattern through the dye? Well, piece of fabric is soaking in 'brown rose' over night, so will see in the morning. If that works, I plan to discharge some of the dye away to, hopefully, leave some of the original pattern, and then, combine my painted tissue on top of my new fabric.

Or maybe just put it on the bin!

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Saturday, 21 August 2010

First day at NEC

Fab day, lovely to see so many wonderful quilts and meet up with lots of friends. The day started off by seeing Jenny, who is one of Dad's closest friends wife. Dad had been trying to get Jenny and I meet for ages, and only managed to meet for the first time at his funeral, but he was right we have heaps in common.

Photo of jenny's quilt is on camera, will blog that tomorrow.

This is my 'individual circle quilt'

And this is my quilt 'Letting Go', got a highly commended for this - very pleased, especially after I had seen the competition.

Back to very posh hotel and off to meet up with June for dinner

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On our way up to NEC

Shawnee driving and it's not raining yet!

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Friday, 20 August 2010

What a ‘Bloomin’ lovely way to start my leave.

I have the next week off work, yippee.  Tomorrow Sharne and I are off the the Festival of Quilts

But today we were invited to the launch of O2’s exhibition and it was truly excellent.

Bloomin Marvelous

It was at Hyde Hall and you need to pay the normal entrance fee to the gardens but the exhibition alone would be worth the £7.  It feels a little unreal that Sharne and I are invited to these prestigious events, we both feel very privileged.  There are so many lovely sharing people that we have both meet through textiles, we are grateful to be part of it .


A sample of their lovely work.

 IMG_7050  IMG_7057

by Chris Bojan


Rita Johnson


Irene Martin

 IMG_7055 IMG_7056 

Zoe Cox


Karen IvesIMG_7062

These are just a few pictures of their work, they have also produced a very comprehensive catalogue with full colour photographs of their work.

Very professional and they have sent the bench mark very high for the rest of us to try and achieve.

Lovely exhibition – Well done to all of O2

 IMG_7065 IMG_7066