Friday, 2 July 2010

The past two weeks

And finally today Sharne took me by the hand and I started my normal life again and off we went to to Craft Arena as Denise has opened a textile gallery and very impressive it was, the first group that had the honours of showing their work was Nine Textile Group who are based in Harlow

IMG_6767 IMG_6770 IMG_6773   

And today, Rosy had her exhibition, how proud I was of her, her photos are stunning, she has played an old cinefilm of Chris and I when we were children and projected this onto Mums old furniture, and then photographed these and did a bit of Photoshop tidying up on them – they are brilliant.

Not sure if I liked the painting though…….

Les and Rosy IMG_6762

Ralph my dog has also died, when I worked it out he was 15 so like Dad had had a good innings, but badly timed.  He had started to be very fussy about what he ate, but then he stopped drinking, took him to the vets for a pill, and was told it was liver cancer and final stages………….Ralph's last morning

This was Dad, just one month before he died with three of his great grand children, it seems so strange that only 5 weeks ago that we thought he might get some remission from the inevitable.

Dad and Oliver 22.5.10Dad, Isablla, Millie and Oliver 22.5.10

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