Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Onwards and upwards, but also went downhill a bit today :-(

Not such a good day today, made rather a fool of myself in front of Dad’s financial adviser, he said such nice things about Dad and said he would do anything to help us through this difficult time as he had held Dad in such high regard, I cried rather profusely – poor fellow but he dealt with the blubbering mess very well!

I am fine as long as no one says nice things :-)

Called into see Mum and Les and the girls were there but could tell that she too had had a bad day too. So went home and packed up for the work shop on Saturday. Then went back to see Mum when all was quite.


Lots of things had up set her, she had phone St Luke’s to see if she could do some voluntary work and they told her that they would not consider her for 18months as it was too soon after Dad’s death.  She had wanted to do something to start occupying her days, she says the days are so long.  Made her laugh by saying that at least next week she will be run off her feet as we are charged in looking after Kirstys’ two children, Holly and Gus – that will keep us occupied!!!

Then home to do a 'little bit of sewing. One side of the the garden is stitched – hopefully I will be able to do the other side tomorrow.

 IMG_6832 IMG_6833

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