Sunday, 11 July 2010

My Dad – Funeral, Friday 9th July 2010

Tony was born in Briantree on 17th November 1930.  He moved to Shenfield when he was 3 and have a private education, finishing at Clarkes College in Southend.

In his early years he was rather a rebel - was even known to vote labour in those days.  As a young man Tony joined the RAF at Halton as apprentice dazzled by the Battle of Britain he soon decided this life was not for him.  Also he had met the love of his life and decided that he needed to find a job that would keep her in the manner in which she wished to become accustomed to.

Tony and Heather met at the Church of England Youth Club at Hutton.  They were married in 1955 and this year we celebrated 55 years on the 4th June.

For a number of years he worked for Ilford Ltd in the laboratories developing colour photography, moving on into management and into the paper industry installing coating plants in may parts of the world, Malaysia, Canada, South Africa, Australia, he travelled a great deal and for a time enjoyed the thrill of exploring new places. 

Tony found his relaxation on Mouette, his 21ft sailing boat, most weekends the family would all pack up, Shelia the dog included for either a day or a weekend (if the farm permitted) and set off for the river.  Those were happy days, collecting winkles from the river banks and eating bread that had the distinct taste of petrol about it!  Also they all knew that they had to jump too as soon as Tony put his captains cap on!

But a time came for a change and tired of living out of a suitcase he decided to start his own computer consultancy firm which gave him new challenges and this he thoroughly enjoyed and often remarked that he had wished he had made the change earlier.  It was through this decision that he meet new friends and had great adventures on the high sea.

We all relied on Tony to sort our problems out, he could turn his hand to anything, from fixing the car with a wooden clothes peg to resolving complex plumbing, electronic or construction problems, we all turned to him for that extra bit of advise.  Tony was known at home as ‘Mr Fix It’

Tony was an only child, when he married Heather he also inherited a large family, he relished his new role as an older brother to his new family and for many of the early years of their married life Tony’s new brothers and sisters would come and stay on extended visits.  Tony and Heather have been very fortunate to live in such a lovely home, this gave Tony a great deal of satisfaction, as he had an ongoing project to renovate the house and help establish the beautiful gardens under the watchful eye of Heather

Tony was a very optimistic person, his glass was always half full, he enjoyed and loved his life with his children Nicola and Chris, his six grandchildren Stephen, Lizzie and Rossie and Richard, Robert and Kirsty and of course his five great grandchildren were a delight to him, always encouraging and helping them where he could, and would often remark how lucky he was .

In addition to his family and home Tony enjoyed being part of the community, for several years he was an active volunteer of the Royal National Life Boat Society and he has also been fully involved with the village whether it be directing the traffic at the Church fete, manning the book stall or delivering the Church magazine, he has even been know to dress up as Father Christmas for the local Nursery School.

To conclude, Tony was a fair and generous man who will be much missed, his last wish was that his body should be used for the benefit of others, unfortunately due to the cancer the only parts of his body that could be used were his eyes, these have been given and we are told that this will enable another 4 people to have sight.

This is who Tony was and he will be remembered with love by many.

Dad Order of Service 


Dear Dad

You have left a big hole and I am sad, but you have said many times recently that you  lived a good life and that I now only cry for me, you said that you were ok about taking this next phase of your life, and some how I know you are ok and this gives me strength to start filling that hole.

But firstly I need to say that you were much loved and you live on through us, simple memories just keep popping into my mind, like when I was winding the wire up on the hedge trimmers last weekend - I remembered how you had taught Chris and I the correct way of stowing a rope on Mouette.

I was never a very attentive sailor, always with my nose in a novel, I remember the time you asked me to hold the painter to the dingy, whilst you sorted out the last few bits on board.  I was at a good bit in my novel and soon forgot the task in hand, or should I say the rope in hand………. That was until I heard a shout, and the dingy and Shelia the dog was half way down the river.

I also remember you spending many an evening making a hot air balloon, you were very proud of the final result and it was the day of the launch - one final touch was needed - a label with your name and address on, so that when the balloon came to its final resting place it could be safely returned to you.  Well, again I was trusted with this honour whilst you went inside in search of a label, but yet again I had let the rope slip from my hand and your balloon sailed proudly into the heavens

Well Dad, on the 26th June you too slipped away from me and you are missed by not only me and Chris but by Mum, your grandchildren for whom you also became their father and by your great grandchildren.

I hope you enjoy your sail.


Diane Kelsey said...

Your dad would have been very proud of you to have held it all together and to have been able to say your farewell to him at the funeral. Memories will last forever, try to tell as many stories as you can remember, to your children and grandchildren. They might not have been there and I'm sure they would love to hear them all.

Miriam Weaver said...

Nickie, I'm thinking of you and you are right those that have gone live on through us and through our children. Although they are gone they are never forgotten, it sounds like you have lots of good memories it is good to share them.