Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Life has been rather unreal!

It is strange to think life goes on just the same when something so big happens to your family.  But it does.  It seems strange to say that I am having a lovely week, but I am. 

I was booked in for a teaching session at Bishops Hill on Saturday and that went amazing well, even in that heat and with 6 irons dashing away on the smoothing boards!!! forgot to take my camera so no photos of their master pieces.

Then Sunday it was up to Mum’s (on the pretext of looking after her) for a Barbeque, lots of fun, the children had the paddling pool out again.


Quite time, enjoying the pond.


A good family day.


Monday, we had really good news, Kirsty passed her BHS stage 3 care and riding, Granddad had been finding stuff out for her on the internet to help her pass this, so Kirsty really wanted to pass this for him.  She says his hankie that she took to remember him after he died bought her luck.

She can now take her PTTLS (the course that I have just done) and then she will be a qualified teacher in the horse world.

To celebrate we went to Lakeside and Kirsty and children were bought new clothes.

Then Di popped round and dropped me a book in to borrow, she had her new puppy Bo in the car – he is almost as big as Holly.


Tuesday, we went to Burnham to see Christine and her horse, whilst Kristy and Christine did what they do best, I did what I did best and played on the swings with Holly and Gus

And today, Kirsty left me in charge whilst she went to London to see a show and Polo tomorrow, so Holly, Gus and I went to see Millie and had a lovely day.

 IMG_6910[1] IMG_6915[1]  IMG_6921[1] IMG_6918[1]  

Mum is doing well, keeping herself busy, even went to a WI coffee morning today – really proud of her :-)

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