Thursday, 15 July 2010

Last day with the P&Q afternoon lot!

Had to made up a session that I had missed when I took Dad into the hospice. Only 7 turned up so we had a nice easy afternoon. Some really lovely and imaginative work has been done.

We did some photo transfer and Jean has used hers in the centre of a spiral logcabin, the borders work well as the look like the edges off a 35ml film.

Linda made her quilt for her grand-daughters bed, she should be really pleased with it.

Basildon P&Q Linda's Qilt Basildon P&Q Jean's Quilt Basildon P&Q Jenny's first quiltBasildon P&Q 011

This is Jenny’s first quilt, she started the class as she looked after her Mum on Thursday afternoon, but she died, so she wanted to do something to take her mind off it, she said she never finished anything, but this is wonderfully pieced and the quilting is going very well.

Basildon P&Q Ruth's family tree Basildon P&Q 010 

Ruth has used her photos to make her very own family tree, Ruth loves hand sewing which is lucky as she has her work cut out with this one.  Excellent piece of work.

And mine, well managed to do a LITTLE bit of sewing last night before collapsing in bed……., orange bit done, so it is now the baggy yellow bit that needs to be attacked tonight!

Dyed Quit 1 Dyed Quilt 2


Diane Kelsey said...

I can't believe the work a beginners class have produced! Well done you, for being such an inspiration to them all. Some really fantastic work.

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