Sunday, 4 July 2010

Had a really lovely day

Sharne picked me up this morning in her sports car and with the roof down – we were off to Thaxted to see Studio One’s Exhibition ‘A Shore Thing’ some lovely work but on there we had to follow some cyclists – and we didn't mind at all………..


But back to the purpose in hand, we are not meant to take photos of the exhibition but Zoe and Irena Willmott said we could photograph their work, it was Irena’s first exhibition and I loved her centre panel – will try this with newspaper when I get a spare moment – very textural – check out the page on Ann Small’s website (link above)


Irena Willmott and work

Both Sharne and I love her work, she had done some wonderful work for an exhibition at Braintree, cowslips on sheers, these photos don't do her work justice, it is beautifully stitched.



Then home to see Mum, she had been shopping and managed admirably.

Then time to do some stitching on my dyed fabric sampler, getting a bit carried away – this is meant to be a quickie – just to give the ladies an idea of what they could do with their dyed fabric, but am enjoying doing some fun sewing.


Found a video of Dad – taken on the 22nd May 2010 – how can some one be this well one month before he leaves us :-(  Felt guilty about having a nice day….

Had a lovely email from a friend who had come across my blog by mistake :-)