Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Had a need to do some dying…

No – work had not sent me over the top….. but it was Helen and her lovely samples of fabric she gave me.


So tonight, after doing all my other jobs :-( I got down to doing some experimental dying.  I had bought some neutral colours ages ago, again under the guidance of Helen but never got round to using them.  Thought they were a bit precious so needed to save them for a special project!!

Wanted to see how they worked with lots of different fabrics, managed to find a few, but the store cupboard is getting rather sparse – not sure where they have all gone – thought I had bought a lot from Knit and Stitch last year and don't remembering using them, but must have. 

Anyway, I have tore up a selection of fabrics  and wound a couple of different threads and I will be already to get down to doing the dying tomorrow night.


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