Sunday, 25 July 2010

Down to business and lesson learnt!

House work done, washing and ironing finished, grass cut, Gus's slide for his birthday ordered, so now time to play.

I need to make a fantasy insect for the Fen Edge exhibition, cant say I am terribly enthusiastic about it but thought I better make a start, my idea is to make a ‘Sugar Plum Fly’, I know she should be plum coloured but this is the greengage version………


Had to stop here as needed to dye some thread for her arms and legs.  So sorted out my dyed fabric

 IMG_7003 IMG_7011


Just love these pieces, have saved one third and put the other two pieces into the next dye bath, hope I don't spoil them


Not so impressed with this one, but still saved a third for reference.IMG_7012

Both pieces concertinaed up the bottom is sitting in golden yellow and the top folds have cerulean blue squirted on it.

My quilt that I took for us to sit on last night got Mollied…. Molly decided to spread butter on the quilt as well as on the bread, no problem so I put it in the machine to wash.  IKEA blue cotton fabric is not colour fast, all my beautiful brightly dyed fabrics are now sludgy version of their former selves :-(     Lesson learnt, they do say wash all your fabric before you use it – this is obviously why!

 IMG_7013 IMG_7014 

After ironing all the neutrals that I dyed the other day – very pleased with them, thought I would make the sampler swatches for my work book.  Ended up with a pile of random strips and they said, sky, sea and foreshore so out came the embellisher, and that was it for the rest of the evening

IMG_7016 IMG_7017

Not sure if it will work, but thought I would give it a go, the idea is the sky going down into the sea, this is where Jonathan Livingston Seagull/Mouette disappears over the horizon for new eyes to welcome him.


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