Friday, 2 July 2010

Difficult to write

Strange how death affects us all so differently, Dad died on the 26th June.  I have coped with it really well, but I could not write it on the blog, guess it was too public for me to acknowledged that he had gone, but he has and it was a happy release for him in the end.  He was a proud man and hated the final days when he was dependant on others – that bit hurt.

We never did get to Maldon, but it was a good plan, I miss him.

Dad May 2007

I have had to write this to acknowledge Dad’s passing so that I can also start to move on.  Funeral is on Friday 9th July.

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Diane Kelsey said...

A friend told me it is important to remember all the things you did do together and all the stories he told you. Try to share some more with your mum, expect she has a few more stories to tell about him. So sorry to hear about your dad!