Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Couldn’t wait to get home to carry on.

Pots mixed with dyes ready and material added, now need to wait.

neutral dying 006 Basildon P&Q 001

Then went off at a tangent and pleated some fabric, this one is rolled up in a yoghurt pot, sat the bottom of the pleats in one shade and painted a different dye on the upper folds.

neutral dying 009 

This one was done the same as above but in a mushroom box so the folds are more open.

neutral dying 014 

I then got to thinking about doing something to remember Dad with.  I thought the poem that we choose for his funeral summed him in his life and finally his death beautifully, so I started playing around with the words, the phrases, how they related to Dad, the poem is about about boat sailing over the horizon, our boat was called ‘Mouette’, which is French for seagull.  MBasildon P&Q 005y belief of life is that we are rather like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and that we only progress to the next level when we have got this one sussed!  I have always wanted to do some work with this, so now I think it is my opportunity.

Basildon P&Q 002

This is my attempt at drawing Johnathan, I am afraid he looks more like a thin owl than a seagull, think I need to get some books…. Basildon P&Q 003

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