Saturday, 31 July 2010

Mt Sugar Plum-Fly

Introducing ‘Greengage’  Have really enjoyed making her – she has taken ages, not sure if I can justify the time to make her twin sister ‘Damson’ as there are so many other things that I need to be doing.


Need some fishing line to dangle her off of.


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Really enjoying the bug construction

My Sugar Plum Fly is getting on really well, have decided to give her some tattoos to make her a bit more interesting!  Would like to think that I get enough time to make her twin sister Damson, will have to wait and see as there are rather a lot of calls on my time at the moment.


And really please with the dying that I have done which was inspired by Helen – not sure what I am going to do with it, probably just iron it, stroke it and put away safely ………


Monday, 26 July 2010

Couldn't wait to get home tonight and get on with my projects

When I EVENTUALLY arrived home, work seemed to take forever today, there was a parcel on the doorstep, the Workbox magazine, how spooky, it has got a piece of work with seagulls on the front cover, haven't had a chance to open it yet as wanted to get on with the stitching.


Wasn't too sure what to start with, rinsed fabric out and that is looking good, hanging on the line  to dry at the moment.

Thought I would join my Sugar Plum Fly – Greengage version together to see if my patterns had worded – I think she is going to look quite good, decided to make her a skirt out of snippets and water soluble film, that is soaking as I type, so will see if I have put enough stitching on it tomorrow.


Sunday, 25 July 2010

Down to business and lesson learnt!

House work done, washing and ironing finished, grass cut, Gus's slide for his birthday ordered, so now time to play.

I need to make a fantasy insect for the Fen Edge exhibition, cant say I am terribly enthusiastic about it but thought I better make a start, my idea is to make a ‘Sugar Plum Fly’, I know she should be plum coloured but this is the greengage version………


Had to stop here as needed to dye some thread for her arms and legs.  So sorted out my dyed fabric

 IMG_7003 IMG_7011


Just love these pieces, have saved one third and put the other two pieces into the next dye bath, hope I don't spoil them


Not so impressed with this one, but still saved a third for reference.IMG_7012

Both pieces concertinaed up the bottom is sitting in golden yellow and the top folds have cerulean blue squirted on it.

My quilt that I took for us to sit on last night got Mollied…. Molly decided to spread butter on the quilt as well as on the bread, no problem so I put it in the machine to wash.  IKEA blue cotton fabric is not colour fast, all my beautiful brightly dyed fabrics are now sludgy version of their former selves :-(     Lesson learnt, they do say wash all your fabric before you use it – this is obviously why!

 IMG_7013 IMG_7014 

After ironing all the neutrals that I dyed the other day – very pleased with them, thought I would make the sampler swatches for my work book.  Ended up with a pile of random strips and they said, sky, sea and foreshore so out came the embellisher, and that was it for the rest of the evening

IMG_7016 IMG_7017

Not sure if it will work, but thought I would give it a go, the idea is the sky going down into the sea, this is where Jonathan Livingston Seagull/Mouette disappears over the horizon for new eyes to welcome him.


An excellent day

My dying workshop at Basildon, we played with cold water fibre reactive dyes, acid dyes and disperse dyes, we were dying pieces that could be used in the house wall hanging, different types of cotton, wool, synthetics and buttons – not bad in one day!


IMG_7002 IMG_6997


IMG_7001Then home to get brushed up from Proms in the Park at Lake Meadows – What a fabulous day – just what the doctor ordered.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Couldn’t wait to get home to carry on.

Pots mixed with dyes ready and material added, now need to wait.

neutral dying 006 Basildon P&Q 001

Then went off at a tangent and pleated some fabric, this one is rolled up in a yoghurt pot, sat the bottom of the pleats in one shade and painted a different dye on the upper folds.

neutral dying 009 

This one was done the same as above but in a mushroom box so the folds are more open.

neutral dying 014 

I then got to thinking about doing something to remember Dad with.  I thought the poem that we choose for his funeral summed him in his life and finally his death beautifully, so I started playing around with the words, the phrases, how they related to Dad, the poem is about about boat sailing over the horizon, our boat was called ‘Mouette’, which is French for seagull.  MBasildon P&Q 005y belief of life is that we are rather like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and that we only progress to the next level when we have got this one sussed!  I have always wanted to do some work with this, so now I think it is my opportunity.

Basildon P&Q 002

This is my attempt at drawing Johnathan, I am afraid he looks more like a thin owl than a seagull, think I need to get some books…. Basildon P&Q 003

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Had a need to do some dying…

No – work had not sent me over the top….. but it was Helen and her lovely samples of fabric she gave me.


So tonight, after doing all my other jobs :-( I got down to doing some experimental dying.  I had bought some neutral colours ages ago, again under the guidance of Helen but never got round to using them.  Thought they were a bit precious so needed to save them for a special project!!

Wanted to see how they worked with lots of different fabrics, managed to find a few, but the store cupboard is getting rather sparse – not sure where they have all gone – thought I had bought a lot from Knit and Stitch last year and don't remembering using them, but must have. 

Anyway, I have tore up a selection of fabrics  and wound a couple of different threads and I will be already to get down to doing the dying tomorrow night.


Monday, 19 July 2010

Back to work and EG

Back to work, it was a bit full on and brain still not working properly……

Embroiderers Guild this evening, Sharne kindly got all the notices ready for me as have had my hands rather full of late.  We had Cas Holmes to speak,, didn't get time to take any photos.  But really recommend her as a speaker, entertaining and stunning work.

It was also great to see an old friend again, Helen, we both have had very busy lives recently and lost touch a bit, but she came along tonight and bought some sample of her fabrics that she has being dying – they are lovely, cant wait to see them in their full glory.  Got my lust fro playing with dyes going again…..

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Back to work tomorrow :-(

Had a lovely day today.

Sunday lunch with Mum, Rob, Mel and Millie, who was on top form, Chris Les and Liz also joined us.

Millie 18.7.10 003

Did a bit more packing for the workshop, feeling a bit more confident as the pile of goodies seem to be growing!

Millie 18.7.10 009   Millie 18.7.10 011

This is the Gardenia that Richard bought me for my birthday, have never managed to keep one before so was very happy when I managed to save it from the brink of the compost heap!!  And now I have flowers on, and they are much bigger than when I was given it, feeling very pleased with my newly acquired green fingers.

Then packed up my quilts for the NEC.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Dyed Sampler Quilt


and finished………………


Also, started packing up and writing final notes for the dying workshop next Saturday, don't seem to have very much stuff to take so am a little concerned that I have everything……………..

Friday, 16 July 2010

Mixed feelings

Kirsty goes home today.  That means the house becomes mine again, quite and clean, but will miss them all, but looking forward to getting life back to some sort of normality.

Got the play dough out whilst Kirsty packed.

014 021

(in an attempt to tire them all out before their long journey 026home.024







Then, down to business, wanted to try and get this quilt finished before next weekend as I will be doing a dying day at Basildon College.

dyed sampler quilt 003 dyed sampler quilt 004







dyed sampler quilt 001

Ends in site.  It has been quite fun to do.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Last day with the P&Q afternoon lot!

Had to made up a session that I had missed when I took Dad into the hospice. Only 7 turned up so we had a nice easy afternoon. Some really lovely and imaginative work has been done.

We did some photo transfer and Jean has used hers in the centre of a spiral logcabin, the borders work well as the look like the edges off a 35ml film.

Linda made her quilt for her grand-daughters bed, she should be really pleased with it.

Basildon P&Q Linda's Qilt Basildon P&Q Jean's Quilt Basildon P&Q Jenny's first quiltBasildon P&Q 011

This is Jenny’s first quilt, she started the class as she looked after her Mum on Thursday afternoon, but she died, so she wanted to do something to take her mind off it, she said she never finished anything, but this is wonderfully pieced and the quilting is going very well.

Basildon P&Q Ruth's family tree Basildon P&Q 010 

Ruth has used her photos to make her very own family tree, Ruth loves hand sewing which is lucky as she has her work cut out with this one.  Excellent piece of work.

And mine, well managed to do a LITTLE bit of sewing last night before collapsing in bed……., orange bit done, so it is now the baggy yellow bit that needs to be attacked tonight!

Dyed Quit 1 Dyed Quilt 2