Friday, 11 June 2010

Sunset and in and out of focus

Dad has had a better day today, took him out to PC World, B&Q and Asda – living the high life!!  He enjoyed getting out and it will give Mum and Dad something different to talk about.  Must admit I am not very good at the wheelchair lark, nearly catapulted poor DAD out of the chair whilst not negotiating the curb very well!

But why do people think that people in wheelchairs cant communicate.  Dad is ill but not daft, so please any one who reads this blog, don't speak to the person behind the chair speak to the person in the chair if it is to do with them.  The person in the chair has lost enough dignity as it is without it being compounded be being talked over.

We then had a Chinese lunch together and a glass of wine – very civilised, Mum enjoyed being just Mum for a short time and I enjoyed life being a little more like normal. 

If Dad is still this well on Sunday, I have suggested that I take him down to see the barges at Maldon and you never know I might even be tempted to enjoy a swift half with him!

I then packed for the workshop that I am doing with Little Waltham Quilters tomorrow.  The painted Celtic Tree.

Then a lovely walk over the fields this evening.

IMG_6690 IMG_6691 IMG_6704

Then finished quilting the back of my quilt

  Almost there! and done!

Now to finish the edges, attach the sleeve, label and weight on the bottom and the job will be done and ready to be sent on its way to the Festival of Quilts.