Friday, 11 June 2010

Sunset and in and out of focus

Dad has had a better day today, took him out to PC World, B&Q and Asda – living the high life!!  He enjoyed getting out and it will give Mum and Dad something different to talk about.  Must admit I am not very good at the wheelchair lark, nearly catapulted poor DAD out of the chair whilst not negotiating the curb very well!

But why do people think that people in wheelchairs cant communicate.  Dad is ill but not daft, so please any one who reads this blog, don't speak to the person behind the chair speak to the person in the chair if it is to do with them.  The person in the chair has lost enough dignity as it is without it being compounded be being talked over.

We then had a Chinese lunch together and a glass of wine – very civilised, Mum enjoyed being just Mum for a short time and I enjoyed life being a little more like normal. 

If Dad is still this well on Sunday, I have suggested that I take him down to see the barges at Maldon and you never know I might even be tempted to enjoy a swift half with him!

I then packed for the workshop that I am doing with Little Waltham Quilters tomorrow.  The painted Celtic Tree.

Then a lovely walk over the fields this evening.

IMG_6690 IMG_6691 IMG_6704

Then finished quilting the back of my quilt

  Almost there! and done!

Now to finish the edges, attach the sleeve, label and weight on the bottom and the job will be done and ready to be sent on its way to the Festival of Quilts.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A beautiful night across the fields

 IMG_6673 IMG_6679IMG_6677

Dad fell today and could not get back up again, today was the first day he has not got dressed.

Two days off work, so at least I am going to be about a bit more for them, so much for my plans to take them down to the river for an hour.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Over the fields for a chill down walk

And mind is working on the next quilt, like the idea of in and out of focus, the background being out of focus makes the barrier stronger.  Not sure where this is going, but want to finish current quilt so I can get on a play with next ideas.

IMG_6670 IMG_6666 IMG_6658 IMG_6662

Sunday, 6 June 2010

My chill weekend

Life has been rather full at least later and I was in two minds (and it would appear that Sharne had the same thought) to cancel our trip to Missenden Abbey

But so glad we didn't, this is my bedroom at Ann’s and the view from my bedroom window.


Woke up to the sound of birds singing and bees humming, slept ALL night, wonderful.  Sun shone and we had breakfast on the patio.


Ann has tried patch work but it is not really her thing! she started making this owl bag last winter, I really like it and now have the pattern for it as I have a friend (Jill)who loves owls, and one day, when I have quite moment I will make her one.   

Then it was time to do what we had come to do.  Learn how to develop our design/purpose of stitching, must admit this is all a bit above me, but they are a lovely group of ladies.  I think we are meant to be establishing what our doing means to us…………..

But any way, we first stopped off to enjoy a coffee in the grounds of the Abbey, and was rewarded by a young dear loping across the garden in front of us.  We were to enthralled that neither of us thought to reach for our camera.




The course tutor was Hilary Bower who is also a member of the 62 Group.  Hilary has taught a Missenden for 20 years and this was her final session.  The short time that I have worked with her I have found that she has massive insight, it is she that identified that I should explore my current theme ‘Barriers’

Because it was her last day – we all had to eat cake!


Then it was off down to the pub ham egg and chips – yum and then back to the cottage to do Sharne;s home work that she had been set by Hilary.

But firstly we had to take some photos of Ann’s lovely garden.




Ann gave me one of her lettuces to take home.IMG_6653Rinsed my fabrics out that I had left to dye over the weekend.  These are for a workshop that I am running next weekend. IMG_6654Then over the fields for a walk with Ralph and to see Mum and Dad.

IMG_6649 IMG_6652