Sunday, 23 May 2010

Two weeks catch up

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Kirsty came down for Ian Spurling’s Wedding, so I got to see Holly and Gus again, and more importantly, so did Nan and Granddad.

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On the Saturday I was already booked to see Sister Act, so Stacey, Nick and Dan happily boarded the train for London for our fun day out

First of all I lost my cardigan, then the shoes I was wearing decided to give me blisters and then some one chopped through the poser cable and the performance was cancelled. so we came home again….

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So Holly and Gus and I went to the swings – lots of fun

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Then on the 19th May Brian died, a bit of reality check, he was diagnosed with cancer 2 weeks after Dad.

Richard decided that he wanted to come and see the family on the spur of the moment, especially as it was Nanny’s birthday

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Granddad high on steroids!!

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It was lovely to have Richard and Rob with their families there,  after reeking havoc in Nan’s house, we decided to leave them in peace and go to Watt Tyler's Park for a picnic

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The to the play ground

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Isabella climbed right to the top – beat Rob!!

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Went for a train ride and then a much needed cup of coffee


Another beautiful day on Sunday, so before they went home Isabella , Oliver and I took Ralph for a walk (and swim!)

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And then it was all quite so I went and sewed in the garden

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