Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Rainy weekend – but got lots of stitching done :-)

Mounted my Lutrador piece, the picture does not do it justice, normally the work looks better in a photo as the mistakes aren't so obvious!

This was difficult to photograph, cant see to capture the space between the layers. 

But I am very please with the final result.

 IMG_6420 IMG_6421 

That done it was time to do it bit on my quilt – got a bit carried away, always wanting to get onto the next bit.  Really enjoying doing this, very labour intensive though.

Had a problem with the barbed wire not standing out – was going to double/triple stitch these line, but didn't really like the sample that I did, so was a little bit of a loss, then it soundly came to me late last night – trapunto!  So had to try it out and yes it worked – relief, needless to say I was late to bed last night, hence doing the blog this morning!!  Thank goodness I am doing a Home Visit first thing this morning :-)

IMG_6425 IMG_6424