Sunday, 11 April 2010

Too many choices to make………

What a lovely day to wake up to but what to do with it?  Play in the garden, put my wall hanging together, college work, wash car, do the ironing……….

Had cut the grass on Friday night before I packed for the talk, so the garden looked reasonable, could buy some colour to plant in it – maybe this afternoon when the sun is on the back garden.

Thought I better do the car, was looking a bit grubby, and she has scrubbed up nicely.  Did the inside as well – wonder how long that will last for!!

College work/wall hanging?

Not a difficult choice – will concentrate on the college stuff next weekend, then it will be fresh in my mind for Thursday – well that was my reasoning anyway!

Wall hanging, it was the right choice to start again.

Auditioning the fabrics

 DSCF1456 DSCF1457

Decision made and pieced together,


need to make sure the the joins are on the grid lines so tacked securely in place so there is no chance of it shifting whilst stitching.

 DSCF1460 DSCF1461  

Had lunch in the garden, but was getting rather involved in the stitching so the plants did not get bought, and beside the clouds had started to gather.


Happy with this, prefer the single line of stitching, but my goodness what a lot of ends there will be to sew in.


Went up to see Mum and Dad, Dad was not looking good :-(


dianehobbit said...

Remember take each day as it comes with your dad, he will have lots of highs and lows, but lets hope more highs. The change in the weather today, put me off gardening too, so don't feel guilty!

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