Saturday, 24 April 2010

Thursday onwards


Back to college after our Easter Break – the girls have been busy and happy to share what they have been doing

   Jean Jean with her Day and Night Quilt Linda made this for her grandchild Jan finished her Japanesse Folded patchwork bagPam with some of her blocks, almost ready to  start sewing them together  Sharon decided to go big!!

We then played with  transferring photos on to cloth, they all had a laugh when I got them colouring them in to highlight them!  Not quite what they expected for a P&Q class, but they seemed quite happy.

Saturday arrived and it was time for me to go to a class. 

Elizabeth Rutt was running a class for the Chelmsford EG – Plastic Fantastic – I had no idea what to expect, we were told to bring wax crayons, plastic bags and bubble wrap………….

All I knew is that I very much admire her work and that was enough for me to sign up for a days lesson.

All set to go................   some of Elizabth's samples some of Elizabth's samples

where we aspire to ...

Then it was lunch time, none of us really wanted to stop though!


 My piece   and Sue's master piece, acrylic painted straight on to plastic.

Brilliant day, now going to put some hand stitching on my bit of plastic

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