Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Rhubarb and stitching

Couldn't wait to get home today, think I must be in need of a holiday….  thank goodness it is a bank holiday this weekend, a whole extra day off work.

The other reason I couldn’t wait to get home is that I had almost finished stitching the barbed wire design on my quilt and wanted to complete this and finish darning the last of the ends in!!!!

But before I could reward myself with the indulgence of playing in my room I had to get some house work done, one of the jobs was to put the plastic recycling in the shed.  Next to the shed is my rhubarb plant, it has been with me since I moved into my home, 20+ years, but today I noticed something strange about it.  Is this how a new leaf is formed – I don't think so, it looks like it might be a flower I got very excited until I checked the internet and the info there is telling me that the flower can kill the rhubarb – I am now in a dilemma.

Want to see what the flower looks like, but don't want to lose my rhubarb plant?  -  Any suggestions?

 IMG_6386 IMG_6389   

Whilst I ponder on what to do about my rhubarb I decided to stitch.  Quilting done and ends all sewn in – now for the next stage.  But think I might need to buy another reel or two of thread, so will pop over to Craft Arena tomorrow after college.



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