Sunday, 18 April 2010

process of elimination

Quilts 1700 -2010

It was wonderful.  The skill of ladies and me had in years gone past to make such wonderful fine pieces left me feeling very inadequate with my merger accomplishments

But the quilts that moved me the most were not the one of outstanding workmanship, but the ones which evoked emotion, the Fine Cell Quilt, it had a video running with it with the prisoners speaking honestly about their life inside and how much they have got from making the quilt

There was the paper quilt which commemorated the 100 soldier who has been killed in Iraq.

The Raj Quilt sewn by lady prisoners who  shipped to Australia for their punishment.

And the one that made me really stand still and look was the one that the girl guides had stitched for their leader whilst in the prisoner of war Changi camp in Singapore.

Tenko Quilt

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