Sunday, 18 April 2010

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We spent 3  hours in there, went in just gone 11 and looked at our watches and it was 2.30 – no wonder we were hungry!


Wonderful exhibition.  Sharne did us a pack up and we sat in the sunshine and indulged.

On the way there we had seen a poster advertising an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery on Indian Portraits so we decided to have a look

Indian Portraits 1560 - 1860

Very good and extremely detailed – interesting but a little too intelligent for me, but then on the way out we saw and exhibition of the Singh Twins work and we decided to check it out.  Brilliant.

Singh Twins

And really glad that we had done the intelligent one first, because you could then understand how cleverly these artists had used traditional Indian style in their work and turned it round to make humorous and political statements about our lives today – really recommend this, but do see the other one first.

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