Saturday, 17 April 2010

My Perfect Day

Got house work done, including windows and the weeks washing and the bedclothes!   And all this by 11.30.  Amazing what you can do when the alarm goes off at 6 a.m. on a Saturday.

Gave the garden a short back and sides and pulled a few rogue plants up.

On one of the trips to the wheelie bin I found that Mr Postman had been and left me a package on my doorstep.  It was from Dave in NZ.  When I was 50 he bought me a beautiful bracelet that rarely left my wrist, unfortunately a few months ago it broke and the jeweller said there was nothing that could be done to repair it.  I was sad.  Well the parcel contained a replacement bracelet from Dave, equally as lovely as the one before, and it is now happily worn on  my wrist.


Then it was lunch in the garden.


Then a trip into the loft to get table and chair so that I could take sewing machine into garden to sew, and there I sat for the next few hours happily stitching and listening to Classic FM


A perfectly wonderful day.

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