Sunday, 25 April 2010

Millie Mai and Round Robin

It’s Mel’s birthday on Thursday so today I cooked Sunday lunch for us all, it was a bit of a disaster! burnt the pie, the Yorkshires made a good impression of a Frisbee and the cauliflower looked very unappetising………….

But other than that we had a lovely afternoon and Millie Mai is looking more and more like her Dad as the days pass by.

IMG_6377Even Nanny got smiles. IMG_6374

The reason why the lunch was a bit of a disaster is that I was trying to do my bit on Margret’s piece for the Round Robin, well that is my excuse anyway!! 


Margaret had to do a piece inspired by India – just up my street.  I have had to put the backing on and quilt it.  I have backed it with felt and done a random background pattern in a lightly variegated dark blue thread, out lined the motifs in a variegated metallic thread, and quilted the border in silver thread using built in machine patterns and free machine embroider.


Hope Margaret approves – it is very difficult working on someone else’s piece of work.

IMG_6373This was especially difficult as my machine is not happy, it has just come back from having a very expensive service (as other bits needed doing) and now the upper thread  keeps jamming, so much so that I broke one needle and blunted 3!

So I am machineless at the moment and feel quite bereft!