Saturday, 10 April 2010

Eastern Region Regional Day – Quilters Guild


Woke up early and took Ralph for a wonderful walk over the fields just as the sun was rising.

Bit nervous about today….

Picked Sharne up and off we set


Got unpacked and Sharne made a wonderful job of hanging the quilts on the frames.  We looked very professional and Pauline’s projector kept up its end of the bargain and continued to talk to the laptop!

DSCF1453DSCF1451DSCF1445 Sharnes Quilt made in memory of Ashely who died Dec 2001 DSCF1447  DSCF1449

Even caught Delia in mid flight!  and even more important than that, there were cakes to eat, yum :-)

DSCF1444   DSCF1455

And then it was time to get the show on the road, after the first minute or two I started to relax and  it went well, it was great to have Sharne there as it is DSCF1452a lot more fun doing this with a friend by your side.

After Sharne and I finished our double act, it was a mad panic to get everything packed away ready for Lynne Edwards talk, I had never hear her speak before and I really recommend it – she is a good entertainer, she bought her collection of quilts that she has of other peoples work for us to see, and each of them had it own special story. 

Sharne and I had a fabulous day and we both felt very privileged to have been invited to speak in front of such a lovely bunch of ladies.



Miriam Weaver said...

I'm glad that you and Sharne had such a lovely time, and cakes too, what more could you want!

dianehobbit said...

Cakes, two great talks, what more could you ask for! (Maybe some retail therapy for Sharne.)