Thursday, 29 April 2010

Made a decision and chopped it off! Then went and spent money :-)

Over the fields this morning I met a friend who was clever with the garden and she said that I should chop my  flower off my rhubarb :-(  so dutifully came home and did as instructed.  I now have a very contemporary flower arrangement!!!!


Then it was my P&Q group this afternoon, we carried on with our photo image transfer,I was hoping that they all would come in with their designs and chosen fabrics, but alas no.  So the lesson was not as proactive as I had hoped.  Fingers crossed for next week.  I need to be more explicit on exactly what they need to do and what we will be doing the following week.  Also, need to get another P&Q technique ready for them to learn – probably Foundation Piecing as this would be quite useful for them to incorporate.

But Jean bought her round the world quilt in for us to see and her finished bag.  And Yoko also finished her bag, they both want to go bigger now they have learnt the technique

Jeans QuiltJeans BagYoko's Bag

Then it was off to Craft Arena were I bought the much needed threads, got a bit carried away, as you do in Denise’s shop – that's why I normally ask Sharne to go for me!!


Then guess who should turn up -surprisingly  Sharne , who talked me into buying this months Cloth Paper Scissors


Denise was busily buying some beautiful wool, the sales man gave her two of the discontinued skeins which she has very kindly shared with Sharne and I – we have the job of splitting them into 3 – thank you Denise x


And now I have to get ready to go out to dinner with the girls.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Rhubarb and stitching

Couldn't wait to get home today, think I must be in need of a holiday….  thank goodness it is a bank holiday this weekend, a whole extra day off work.

The other reason I couldn’t wait to get home is that I had almost finished stitching the barbed wire design on my quilt and wanted to complete this and finish darning the last of the ends in!!!!

But before I could reward myself with the indulgence of playing in my room I had to get some house work done, one of the jobs was to put the plastic recycling in the shed.  Next to the shed is my rhubarb plant, it has been with me since I moved into my home, 20+ years, but today I noticed something strange about it.  Is this how a new leaf is formed – I don't think so, it looks like it might be a flower I got very excited until I checked the internet and the info there is telling me that the flower can kill the rhubarb – I am now in a dilemma.

Want to see what the flower looks like, but don't want to lose my rhubarb plant?  -  Any suggestions?

 IMG_6386 IMG_6389   

Whilst I ponder on what to do about my rhubarb I decided to stitch.  Quilting done and ends all sewn in – now for the next stage.  But think I might need to buy another reel or two of thread, so will pop over to Craft Arena tomorrow after college.



Sunday, 25 April 2010

Millie Mai and Round Robin

It’s Mel’s birthday on Thursday so today I cooked Sunday lunch for us all, it was a bit of a disaster! burnt the pie, the Yorkshires made a good impression of a Frisbee and the cauliflower looked very unappetising………….

But other than that we had a lovely afternoon and Millie Mai is looking more and more like her Dad as the days pass by.

IMG_6377Even Nanny got smiles. IMG_6374

The reason why the lunch was a bit of a disaster is that I was trying to do my bit on Margret’s piece for the Round Robin, well that is my excuse anyway!! 


Margaret had to do a piece inspired by India – just up my street.  I have had to put the backing on and quilt it.  I have backed it with felt and done a random background pattern in a lightly variegated dark blue thread, out lined the motifs in a variegated metallic thread, and quilted the border in silver thread using built in machine patterns and free machine embroider.


Hope Margaret approves – it is very difficult working on someone else’s piece of work.

IMG_6373This was especially difficult as my machine is not happy, it has just come back from having a very expensive service (as other bits needed doing) and now the upper thread  keeps jamming, so much so that I broke one needle and blunted 3!

So I am machineless at the moment and feel quite bereft!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Thursday onwards


Back to college after our Easter Break – the girls have been busy and happy to share what they have been doing

   Jean Jean with her Day and Night Quilt Linda made this for her grandchild Jan finished her Japanesse Folded patchwork bagPam with some of her blocks, almost ready to  start sewing them together  Sharon decided to go big!!

We then played with  transferring photos on to cloth, they all had a laugh when I got them colouring them in to highlight them!  Not quite what they expected for a P&Q class, but they seemed quite happy.

Saturday arrived and it was time for me to go to a class. 

Elizabeth Rutt was running a class for the Chelmsford EG – Plastic Fantastic – I had no idea what to expect, we were told to bring wax crayons, plastic bags and bubble wrap………….

All I knew is that I very much admire her work and that was enough for me to sign up for a days lesson.

All set to go................   some of Elizabth's samples some of Elizabth's samples

where we aspire to ...

Then it was lunch time, none of us really wanted to stop though!


 My piece   and Sue's master piece, acrylic painted straight on to plastic.

Brilliant day, now going to put some hand stitching on my bit of plastic

Monday, 19 April 2010

Liz Holliday

This evening it was our monthly meeting of the Embroiders Guild and Liz came along to talk to us about her samplers.  What an inspiring lady, and what a fabulous sampler book of her family she has made.


She challenged herself to do samples with sequins

IMG_6326 This was a piece of work which she did on and EG workshop and inspired the construction of her book.


Another excellent meeting. 

Sunday, 18 April 2010

V&A Quilts 1700-2010 Part 1

Very excited couldn't wait for the day to start, have been looking forward to this exhibition for ages and it has lived up to all expectations

But first we had to get there and had to take a few random photos en route….

IMG_6278 IMG_6283

Last time Sharne and I went up to London we took photos here so thought we ought to repeat the exercise, but I am sure the flowers were a lot bigger on that occasion!

IMG_6291 IMG_6290

process of elimination

Quilts 1700 -2010

It was wonderful.  The skill of ladies and me had in years gone past to make such wonderful fine pieces left me feeling very inadequate with my merger accomplishments

But the quilts that moved me the most were not the one of outstanding workmanship, but the ones which evoked emotion, the Fine Cell Quilt, it had a video running with it with the prisoners speaking honestly about their life inside and how much they have got from making the quilt

There was the paper quilt which commemorated the 100 soldier who has been killed in Iraq.

The Raj Quilt sewn by lady prisoners who  shipped to Australia for their punishment.

And the one that made me really stand still and look was the one that the girl guides had stitched for their leader whilst in the prisoner of war Changi camp in Singapore.

Tenko Quilt

next instalment – not sure what is happening here…….

We spent 3  hours in there, went in just gone 11 and looked at our watches and it was 2.30 – no wonder we were hungry!


Wonderful exhibition.  Sharne did us a pack up and we sat in the sunshine and indulged.

On the way there we had seen a poster advertising an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery on Indian Portraits so we decided to have a look

Indian Portraits 1560 - 1860

Very good and extremely detailed – interesting but a little too intelligent for me, but then on the way out we saw and exhibition of the Singh Twins work and we decided to check it out.  Brilliant.

Singh Twins

And really glad that we had done the intelligent one first, because you could then understand how cleverly these artists had used traditional Indian style in their work and turned it round to make humorous and political statements about our lives today – really recommend this, but do see the other one first.

part 2

Then – supposedly it was time to go home, but Sharne saw a sign saying Chinatown.

IMG_6303_thumb1 IMG_6304_thumb1

Then we saw this ice cream shop, well apparently this is a Japanese way of doing ice cream, not Chinese but they looked good.

This is how they are prepared, the crepes are cooked fresh and then the filling is pilled in, fruit, cream and ice cream – yum..



and then it is the good bit…..


Pay back time Sharne!

And finally Sharne just had to get her wax crayons out and do a bit of rubbing!!


What a truly fabulous weekend :-)