Saturday, 20 March 2010

Half day at work today as it is my Thursday afternoon that I have fun with the ladies doing P&Q. They are a lovely bunch with lots of different skills and eager to learn new ones

Half of them are doing the Japanese Bag and the other half are doing their own thing. This was a little challenging to start off with, especially as I am having to re-visit some of the techniques that I use to do without thinking, but haven't done for so long I had forgotten that I knew them. My tests today were needle turn appliqué and how to assemble 25 worked squares in quilt as you go method!

As I had an early afternoon, I decided to pop in and see Les, and the puppies of course.
Fell in love with one particularly little fat one with brown paws, she is lovely and snuggled up on my chest and happily fell asleep. Now I was determined not to like any of them, because I know what happens when I do. ………..
Made a big mistake and Sharne of my dilemma and has come up with a name for her, Paddie, as it was St Patricks Day yesterday, and Paddie actually suits the little fat dumpling, she is the one nearest the Mums head. You can actually only see Paddie’s tail – must be strong, I don't need another dog……… but then…….. she was rather lovely.

Started work on my wall hanging for FET’s exhibition at the Maeldune Centre in September – hope idea will work – its great in my head!!