Sunday, 21 March 2010

Dying and stuff


Started my weekend off with a bit of dying…..  want a long piece of fabric that is graduated in soft greys for my new idea, so found and ideal flower vase to do this in, the dye concentrates are progressively weaker as you get to the top of the vase.


Then off to baby sit Millie Mai – had a lovely time, she was a good as gold.


I tried to get Pauline’s projector to talk to my laptop but failed miserably, so consoled myself in drawing my barbed wire grid for my wall hanging!

Rinsed my fabric from the vase out, and was not that impressed………….IMG_6174 it is all a bit pink!

So re-dyed it with flat black.

Wrote the last but one essay for my course work.

Sunday – wonderful sunny day, rinsed fabric out and still not impressed so dyed some more.

Good job I haven't got a hubbie, he would be having a wobbler by now!  Decided to try black and magenta together.


I then hadIMG_6180 a brain wave – what about spraying bleach over the disastrous piece – now how impressed am I – the other piece is still cooking in the airing cupboard, that can always be used for something else, as I really like what the bleach has done to this piece.        

Then I really needed to finish my course work, so one more essay and my learning journal to do before Larkrise to Candleford.