Sunday, 7 March 2010

Blowing away the cobwebs

Yesterday Millie Mai came for lunch, really enjoying having a grandchild so close, cant believe how quickly she grow though. Her smiles come ready enough for Rob and Mel but think I will have to wait a little while longer before I am allowed one….


Sunday is my doing day, sun was shining and wind blowing so decided to risk the washing on the line.


Mounted my quilted barriers picture, now just need to make a frame for it.


Then did some college work .

And then as a reward thought I would start playing with the Round Robin challenge. Not such a reward after all – Europe – mind is completely blank, could only come up with the European Union and that did not rock my boat………….

But, the union is about creating equality amongst nations, offering opportunities for poorer nations to build sounder footings and celebrating diversity, sounds a bit more appealing like that anyway.

So found some blue fabric that had shapes on it that represented building blocks. It is a bit boring so have sprayed it with white, turquoise and Prussian blue paint. It on the line drying at the moment


Then I plan to cut 12 random shaped stars out, not uniformed shaped one like on their flag but all different shapes so that they represent the diversity of the nations. These will be embellished into the fabric.


I then will probably lay a sheer over the top and free machine some rivers in, or mare accurately the Channel as it is the Channel that has kept us separate from Europe for such along time. If time permits, might get some words printed on it – well that is the idea any way!!!


Oh yes, forgot to say that Ralph decided to help too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ……….and cobwebs, well they were found after clearing up the mess that Ralph and I had made!!

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dianehobbit said...

Your neighbours, will never understand the creations hanging on your washing line.