Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Another busy week

Monday was Embroiders Guild and Mary Sleigh gave us a very informative talk about her items which people in Africa and India wear to confirm their identify, very interesting, but forgot to take photosIMG_6138 of her work!

But, Angela Bulman did finish her piece  that she did on my Ploughed Fields workshop,  impressed, like the birds in the sky, a very nice touch.

Then Tuesday night I had my ‘micro teach’  at college.  It was daft I was really nervous, guess it was because I was doing play acting and teaching to a group of students that probably didn't want to be getting messy!!  But they all but one enjoyed it and she didn't like getting paint on her hands………..  Think it must have been ok as the examiner said that she forgot to take photos as she got a bit carried away with the lesson, so we had to pose for a photo shot after the lesson!!!

Being inspected again at work…… got the ball rolling for Corporate Christmas Party, decided that we will go back to the Thurrock Hotel where we had it two years ago.

And today, we finally heard that they have decided that Stephen died of natural causes, I am greatly relieved as this means Les and Chris can stop beating themselves up with the ‘what if’ scenarios. 

Called in to see Mum and Dad, and Mum is struggling, needs help, but not sure what I can do…… feel a bit useless.  Have a free weekend so will be able to do something then for them both then.

Tonight prepared lesson for tomorrow, putting the patches in the Japanese Bag.

 IMG_6143 IMG_6146

And bed………………….

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